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About Us

Shenzhen Green Ran Industrial Investment Co., Ltd. is an independent legal person enterprise incorporated in Shenzhen Market Supervision and Administration Bureau. The scope of business is to undertake the exhibition of Shenzhen International Modern Green Agriculture Expo and China's investment promotion project and project Industrial production base and the establishment of industrial. In March 2014 with the Shenzhen Municipal Green Industry Association signed a strategic cooperation agreement, in May 2014 and Shenzhen Futian District Ecological Agriculture Association signed a strategic cooperation agreement, co-host the Shenzhen International Green Industry Expo (referred to as "Green Expo"). The multi-party coordination and efforts, has been the strong support of the relevant government departments, and invited the old leadership of Shenzhen City Zhengliang Yu, Yang Guanghui as the organizing committee of the invited adviser.

With the strong strength of the investment shareholders, the company has been adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit of "pragmatic, progressive, cooperative and win-win", and strives to create the largest green industry exchange platform in the Asia-Pacific region by the Shenzhen International Green Industry Expo. China's largest urban and municipal investment promotion platform to promote the balanced development of green industry; promote China's new urbanization;

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Website: www.szigie.com

Address: Futian District, Shenzhen City, Bagua Ridge in the kitchen building 501-04

Near the bus station: mud hill village, Hongling muddy interchange

Subway: Hongling North

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